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Originally Posted by RideFreak View Post
I have a soldering iron

Seriously though, the hipower LEDs I've seen are soldered to a heat sink which was as you described, a piece of copper, the fiber circuit board was adjacent but not soldered directly, some used a pressure contact, some were a connector to a small modular regulator. I looked into making one a while back, it's pretty easy but you don't get the heatsink/waterproof housing and the reflectors are iffy. One like that is the way to go. If you get them I'd be interested to see what they look like inside. I've seen some pretty impressive lighting come from LEDs.

I'm thinking of making one beam of my X2 a HID, TT sells the small ballasts and reflector/bulb assys. I rarely use the lights but the few times I've gotten caught, I sure wish I had more light.
You sound like the Red Green of the electronics world. I've done a lot of thermal design for microelectronics. If the LED crystal is directly soldered to a heatsink, then I imagine you will be SOL.
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