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Bakersfield gets a worse reputation than it deserves. It does get hot in the summer but anywhere in the Central Valley does. There are also many winter days you can be comfortable all day in a tee shirt. There is a strong Country Western and Hispanic influence which is +/- depending on your likes. There is any kind of culture or social activity you may want, just not as sophisticated or stuffy as LA or the Bay Area. Its big enough you usually can find anything you need locally.

Driving through Bakersfield on the freeway it doesn't look like much. Get off on explore the area a little and it seems very different. There is fantastic riding both on and off road all around the area. My wife was born and raised in Bakersfield and I worked in Kern County for 12 years. The livestock people I worked with there are some of the nicest people I have ever worked with.

The biggest downsides I see are its reputation- its almost embarrassing to say you are from there (again- undeserved but its been the butt of jokes for so long it will probably always be regarded as a hick town by the really "hip" people). If you considerable yourself a liberal you will be in the minority, again +/- depending on your redneckness. I think the worse thing about the whole area is the air quality. There are mountains really close by and most days you can't even see them.

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