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I thought those inserts looked fairly sturdy. I just did not like the small bolt. Its only purpose on the Roadie being to hold that bar end cap thingy on. I did stick a pair of needle nose pliers in the bar end and try to unscrew the stock insert. Couldn't get it to move. But the leverage I could get with pliers was minimal. I think they are plenty strong enough to hold the handguards if you drop the bike. I know mine are on there solid. If I crash hard enough to knock one of those handguards off then the broken handguard will probably be the least of my worries.

I still want to see someone remove them though. Just out of curiosity how they work.

I was looking for a way to avoid drilling and tapping. While I've had good success with that process I just thought removing those threaded inserts and using standard mounting expanders would be better. Then again, maybe not.
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