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Originally Posted by Mercenary View Post
Its the re-oiling part that I have problems with. Do you saturate the filter with oil or just give it a light film?
No ... never saturate the filter. I simply drizzle on the sticky Foam filter oil, then work it into the filter with a rag, gently squeezing the filter until the oil is distributed evenly. You DO NOT need a lot of oil.

What's MORE important ... is putting a bead of GREASE along the sealing edge of the filter where it contacts the Air Box. This will prevent both dirt and water from getting into the Carb and motor.

Filter Cleaning 101 (YMMV)
1. Carefully remove dirty filter from air box, don't let crap around filter into Intake tract.
After removing filter ... clean air box well.

2. Immerse Filter into odorless Kerosene. Use rubber gloves and work Kero
into filter, wringing gently to break down former oil and dirt. Wring most of Kerosene out .. but DO NOT damage filter.

3. Insert filter into HOT water and Dawn dishwashing soap. Wash and ring out gently, then RINSE very well. Wring gently and put out in Sun or inside to dry before re-oiling.

4. Re-oil and install. (don't forget grease bead on sealing edge.

Lots of variations on this of course. Some use Dish soap alone. Some use Gasoline (), or Diesel. (stinks) Gasoline is dangerous and will break down the glued seams in your filter and destroy the foam over time.

Diesel will do the same over longer time. Kerosene seems fairly harmless to the foam with brief immersion and gets filter clean more quickly than Dawn alone. YMMV. IMHO, blah Blah Blah.
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