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We sure were a crew, you shoulda been there BrownDog! You riding much? Coming to the Angry Beaver?

Yes, that turf is a golf course. Since I was rolling in at night, to somewhere I'd never been and was freezing! I didn't know it was a golf/resort type community I was staying at.

But anyhoo ~

After peeps woke up and Gentri made a fine breakfast of eggs, biscuits, bacon and good coffee!

Since I was on the bike, I was more than happy to ride in a car with other people, after Saturday's cold. We headed to Sullivan's Island and walked around checking out the sand, ocean and huge, HUGE! boats carrying containers into Charleston Port.

Some pics, I do love this lil Scottie, he was awesome, Duncan was his name;

Duncan checking out a Horseshoe crab;

An egg sack of Welk? Snails? I forgot what Gentri called them, he knows if someone is super curious

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