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Ben: My point wasn't that Bad Ass people can't cry, it was that they don't cry over stupid shit like parking tickets. And if Nicky Hayden has ever crashed doing a stoppie, I'm quite certain it wasn't due to the fact he attempted one using the rear brake instead of the front. (Incompetence was what I was emphasizing.)
Sure...but in learning a skill, everyone starts at the level of incompetent.

I guess my point was that the guy wearing a full racing suit is maybe just being practical since he knows he's not any good at riding (though trying to do a stoppie on a public street is pretty dumb (but then people do dumb things)). And that the fat guy in a ninja suit knows he's not a ninja but he's being honest with the world in shouting out his love of all things ninja.

I agree with you that if the dude on a Harley is trying to convince himself and others he's a BAMF when he's not, then that's inauthentic; but if he just loves the look of steel and chrome and the feel of an off-balance engine and leather chaps, then more power to him.
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