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Originally Posted by GeneC View Post
Hi John,

I checked in with you a couple of weeks back (I think I was on page 15 at the time) and have been slowly reading every word, not just of you but this great supportive community. I'm getting back into bikes after doing the family thing (wife and three teenagers). Long story short, a few years back my son kept asking for a bike. There were many reasons I kept saying no. One is living in the NY area, there simply aren't a lot of places to ride (legally). But I think the main reason was I realized what a nut I was on mine and didn't want him to hurt himself (boy do I sound like my parents). My parents wanted nothing to do with me having a bike but they said if I used my own cash... Well that's all they had to say. Bought a used Honda xr75 when I was about 13 and then a bunch of bikes till I was in my early 20s. A good friend of mine was selling his sons crf80 for a good price so I said "sure". He was also selling his beat klx125 and said I should buy it and ride with him because I would be bored just watching my son. I bought both and it was frigin magic. I remembered how much I really loved it. Since then my son is now 17 and into cars, so we don't ride the bikes much, but its really rescinded my love for bikes. Since then I've owned a 2003 f650gs, then a 97 r100gs. Neither bike felt just right, so I'm planning on a vstrom 650 as my next attempt at finding the "right" bike. My longest trip to date is a week, but I can dream an you have to start somewhere :-)

As everyone has mentioned, your way of traveling is how I wish I could travel. I'm speaking of mental attitude here. Literally going with the flow and "dancing" with the "problems" as they come up. Truly an inspiration.

One more note: you keep mentioning how people are so kind. You also ,emotion how others have warned you about places being dangerous. I truly believe that you draw to you the energy you are putting out. If you are always looking for the good in people, then that is what your experience will be. If you are always thinking "somebody is going to do me wrong" then that is what you will draw to awards you. So, i guess you could say that everyone that travels the same path will have a completely different experience because of the state of mind they are in. And I think this is the secret to your success. Always seeing the good in people and always looking at what you can "give".

Look out for another meal and tank of gas in your pm.

Thank again John, will be checking in every day and thanks again for your story!

Hi Gene,

Thanks so much! Really appreciate your kindness. Glad to see you are getting back into riding with your son. What fun! You are a fortunate man.

I would appreciate it if you could buy a weestrom pronto and get down here. The riding is epic and the people are friendly.

Kindest regards,
Juan Viajero
South America and back on a 250 Super Sherpa Minimalist Adventure
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