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Originally Posted by RenoDeano View Post
Dave, good investment would be kick-starters on your two DRZ's. Have had one on mine for 10 years and when needed it never failed to start the bike.....even with dead battery. Bump starting is easy with the DRZ 400E and the compression release!. Reno Deano
I hear ya'. I've just figured since we're always riding together we could always jump start from one bike to the other, or swap batteries back and forth if only one charging system is working, at least enough to get by. Turns out bump starting is pretty easy.

There's a bit of a fitment issue with the kick starter and the gas tanks we're running. I've stacked the deck by installing anti-gravity lithium batteries. They should much better tolerate the long periods of inactivity in between rides than the glass mats. In a perfect world, I'd figure it out and get kickstarters, but it hasn't been a priority. I think you do a lot more solo riding, so it makes sense.
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