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Originally Posted by Rango View Post
Great, now you did it. I'm so envious...

That's exactly the type of roads that I love to ride, and seek out but find too often closed to motorcycles. Cyclists and nordic walkers have or are in the process of appropriating all the nice roads for themselves exclusively. Alas.

What do we do? We knit them together and snap a picture to daydream upon.
Believe me the same thing is happening here... one of my best mates works for Surrey Council (southwest of London) and is responsible for ensuring the BOATs are maintained properly (they have a tendency to become impassible due to the rainwater cutting ruts where it flows, sometime up to 6 feet deep... unfortunately he also is responsible for carrying out TROs (temporary closures which never end up being temporary)... He's come along on the back of the bike a number of times which is great because he knows them all by memory, some of them look like slight parting of the trees from the roadway and you'd never see the access points if you didn't know they were there... even still, we've ended up on the odd byway that we weren't meant to be on but despite severe warnings of fines/impoundment etc he says they never actually do much more than give a good telling off to people, but not worth taking the chance...

Fortunately Bing Maps keeps up-to-date ordnance survey maps online so you can plot a good loop ahead of time and export it to gps.

Slightly more on topic, there is a huge network of similar roads in the Nederlands, many of which are closed to cars but open to motorbikes - I used to know a site which gave a list of them but can't remember off the top of my head... maybe someone can help?
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