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I love the taste of petrol in the morning...

  • Cracked open the airbox, it's an early type 'tube to T piece feeding crank breather' running out into both sides, but not the one with the swirl inducers
  • Air filter fine, light oil mist on the inlet tracts where the breathers feed in.
  • Popped the in and out pipes either side of carb, no sign of damage to the inlet rubber on the left side.
  • Enrichment circuit didn't seem blocked, but as advised in the Big Book of Bings (page 14) I used human puff rather than an air line to blow out the passages. I can see that this gives the opportunity to feel the amount of resistance change if a blockage shifts, but it does of course leave one with the aforementioned petrol breath.
  • The starting is better now, but not entirely cured. I get the feeling I'll have to do the whole thing again tomorrow with the aid of a new can of carb cleaner, as the one I had was on its last dregs.
  • The rubber O ring on the right idle screw was chewed up. I fitted the last spare I had of roughly that size, but I'm not sure that it's petrol resistant, and anyway it's a tiny bit slim so I'll need to pop into Local Daves & see if he has one lying around. He quite often does.
  • I hate carbs.
  • I've got the whole thing running a bit better, but I simply don't have the intuitive feel that years of carb fettling brings to the game, this is why we go to Local Dave, even if we really can't afford it. I just can't get the tick-over right, and the throttle stop screws are probably way out. I've not dared to touch the cable adjusters.
  • Spent most of the day stopping in various car parks for a fiddle and then moving on before those thereabouts got too tetchy.
  • Oh for a medically induced long term coma...
Or somebody could buy me this, though the pricing is, I fear, somewhat on the optimistic side?, and I'd have to swap the bars out... -
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