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Originally Posted by Gummee! View Post
The bike in question's a department store bike with stuff added to it.

No matter what gets added to it, its still a department store bike.

I'd posit that the person in question hasn't ridden enough AL bikes to make a determination of 'how AL rides.' See Aurelius' experience for a recent example.

I can tell you from personal experience that one AL bike doesn't ride the same as another, even within categories. IOW a Cannondale is going to ride differently than a Specialized which will be different from a Vitus which will be different from an Airplane frame, etc

You wanna make a frankenbike? At least start with something worth riding.

i just retired my trek 3900 with 15,000 miles on it... yes, the frame i am working off of is a department store bike... BUT.... i dont really care what anyone thinks, i gonna make it work... also i had 5 years of riding on a schwinn 754, so i do know how an AL bike rides... in addition to that i have done a good bit of riding my brothers Dawes..... i prefer the chro-mo frame that i am riding now...

and i know that not all frames ride the same.... then if you really understand this, you would understand why i am sticking with the frame i have....BECAUSE i like the way it rides.... i had the frame, it WORKS, why try another frame that i most likely wont like? then i am SOL on getting the money back that i would have spent on a $400 frame.... just because a frame isnt worth something to YOU, doesnt mean it isnt worth something to ME... you would probably think that both of my dual sports are worthless too....a kawi ke100 and an from the late 60s... but i like em....LOL
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