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I first became aware of Freddie Spencer at Daytona back in the 70's. I was working with a friend and fellow club racer, we had built up a Suzuki GS1000 for the Super Bike event the true 200 miler !.
We had put all our money into the project over the winter , special head work, super special carburetors etc.
( must have spent at least $2k :-) )

So my bud is out in practice and I am filming him with an 8mm sound camera , you can hear me say; wow look at Johnny he is faster than we have ever gone, WTF was that ???

Some 16 year old kid past us like we were backing up ??

Started crawling around the garage area ( we were stuck in the cheap semi covered area sharing space with two other riders). Low and behold there were all these Japanese engineers around his garage. They closed the door as we got too close. Then we spied the semi trailer with whole spare bikes and motors .
Mr Spencer and factory $$ had arrived .
We were still able to make the show, but knew in our hearts that any chance of a decent finish was beyond us since we had to start in the second wave.
We still loved every minute and cherish the memories, and yes I do have stories !!
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