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Originally Posted by TowPro View Post
Who knows?

maybe 17" was to keep the seat height down to earth?
maybe 17" because most 17" tires are DOT and lots of 18" are not DOT?

I am just glad I got the 21" front wheel. Most ADV bikes are doing small front wheels as well.
As soon as I test rode my F800, I knew this was the bike for me because of the way a 21" handles.
I didn't like how the 21" handled. come from a 17" then a 19 but though well that is a great bike to get on and like everything you need to get used to (ever had an emo GF? )

well even though, lets stay on topic: I think they went 17 because of the street orientation of every GS. more tire options and it wouldn't satisfy most of the none 50/50 buyers out there. it's like everything BMW does: marketing!
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