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Originally Posted by boxerkuh View Post
As far as battery recommendation I am running an Odyessy PC 680 in both of my airheads. I have one for 8 years in service and still going strong. I just last week had a replace a failing "other brand" and replaced it with a PC 680.

A bike just stopping or shutting off sounds very strange. Exactly what happened? You were just motoring down the road and it quite? I would run a check on the electrics, wires, relays, etc. Something is amiss here. The best way to test a battery is with the assistance of a friend, and take a reading when the starter button is hit; if voltage drops below 9 volts the battery is done, but that is not what it sound like happened in your case.

More info please.

Odyessy PC 680 yes reccomend smaller than stock battery - BUT I have an 89 GS100 same thing happened to me multiple time the positive battery cable keep coming loose - Vibration of bike I'm guessing. Finally used some Blue loctie on positive battery cable and no problems since. Go figure.
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