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Originally Posted by Paulvt1 View Post
There's any interesting aside on the Visordown site. In the feedback section, the tester - Ben Cope - says that he asked Triumph why the bike didn't get a under engine exhaust. The Triumph bod replied that one couldn't be made to fit on this generation of bike - but one will be made for future models.
Adds weight to the rumour of a new Speed Triple based on the 1200cc motor coming at the end of year..and it would appear that the Tiger Sport moniker will be passed along to the next derivative.
I just can't see them using the 1200 from the Explorer - it's HUGE. Wouldn't a new generation 1000 which can be spread across a sport range seem more likely (well, not likely. What do I know about Triumph product roadmaps - that's right, nothing).

The current 1200? :shudder
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