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Originally Posted by willys View Post
I live an hour north of Toronto and have been to Inuvik and up the Dempster twice now, 2010 and 2012 for the D2D. I stay inside our country. First year I went diagonally across through Edmonton from Winnipeg and then to Whitehorse then to Dawson City. Last year we changed the route a bit, Winnepeg up to The Pas and directly west from there. Much more remote and time consuming. Was it worth it, yes to see what was up there but not in the big scheme of things.
As for the paper maps.....I use a GPS, the cheap ass, Nuvi 560 I think it is....the cheapest motorcycle friendly GPS they make. You can buy it for just over the $200 mark around Christmas. I just figure out what towns I am wanting to ride through and add them to my favorites. I then use a laminate list for me to know which town is next on the way IF I can't figure it out. By the time you have it figured out at home, you will almost remember the route off by heart! Paper maps are great so to speak, but as you say, take up way too much room etc. They aren't riding friendly either.
As me whatever you like and I'll try to answer.....about our routes. I don't have them saved as I had a major hard drive meltdown sorry.
Thanks for the reply.
I have a Garmin 76CSx; sans Canadain data.
I would of course find some Garmin Map for the GPS. It is the broad view of paper that I really like for the planning and dreaming.

Pin the map to the wall and dream about where it could lead you.
That is where my milepost map is now. Spread across a table to distract me from!

The GPS map face is smaller than a pack of cigs. smile.
Not much distraction there!

I am guessing you are the same Willys on
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