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My Ride Home

Hey gents - just thought I'd tell you about my experience getting home from a great time in Death Valley with the Airheads.

So I stop in Stovepipe Wells to tank up my '95 R100R Mystic before the long leg of the trip to Bishop. Fill up, hit the starter, "rev rev click." Well shit. Being fairly new to airheads and motorcycles in general, I futz with things here and there not really knowing where to check. End up pushing to the road and bump starting, but with no voltmeter to tell me anything about the status of the charging system. I ride out of town a few miles, figuring I'll stop on a hill, test it, then roll back into Stovepipe if things don't work out. As you might guess, things didn't work out.

Here I am sitting at the side of the road frustrated and debating who to call first when I get back to Stovepipe Wells when a fellow airhead from the rally rides up and asks if everything is OK. I tell him the situation, he checks that the Gen light doesn't come on, then says "Probably the alternator rotor. I've got a spare. I'm gonna tell you how to install it but you're gonna do all the work. Get out your tool roll!" Front cover off of the bike in a few minutes, rotor bolt out with a few more minutes of cursing, tapping, and "gentle" coaxing, and an hour or so later we've got it up and running! He sends me off with his email address, says he'll shadow me to the next town, but with any luck won't see me again until the next event.

So, now I need to order some jumper cables, a pocket multimeter, and an Enduralast charger, but the question I have for you guys - what do I order to put in the box with the rotor when I ship it back to its home?

And lastly - what a community! That knowledge not only saved my bacon this time - but will help me be better prepared the next time I see a rider stuck on the road.

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