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Originally Posted by GSF1200S View Post
At what point does a bike become "big?" Im going to be hitting the TAT on a DR650 and I have 5 months experience in the dirt (over 10 years on street tho)- to be honest im not really scared of whats coming so long as I make good choices (gearing, packing light, etc). Im not a big guy or super strong either- maybe im just ignorant and ill get a reality check?

I read a report about a young guy with like 3 months experience who did the TAT on a DRz400s. He had all kinds of trouble.. with the bike. It seemed his riding skill wasnt as much an issue as his bad luck. Great report though- he wouldnt give up. Thoughts on the relativity of "big" here?
I've got a GSA, and have ridden some very challenging trails that were truly dirt bike trails with it. After a while I slowly stayed away from those trails because I knew(from experience) I'd be in over my head,and just not enjoying myself. I've now added a WR250R to my stable and very really turn around,and enjoy myself more in the tuff stuff
I think only you can decide what's "big", but from everything I've read & seen,someone with your years of riding experience should have no problems on a 650.
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