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Originally Posted by PeteN95 View Post
Thanks for all the great pics and stories, Flug and Gordy!
glad to share it was one incredible experience. while it was ALMOST like TV...seeing it live was special. you really can't get the feel for how fast these guys are going without seeing it, particularly in the corners.

and the whoops....

and the jumps.

serious it's all incredible but these guys get in and out of corners like someone is chasing them with an axe. One of our local guys made the heat in the 250's Dakota Kessler, Mickey K's son. He's made the mains at Southwick and Unadilla, maybe some more, don't know if he's made a heat at a SX before. but he's obviously good to make the Main at an outdoor. Anyway I see him go by on lap one of his heat and damn he's in like 4th place!

so I'm watching him and close to the end of lap 1 he gets passed in a corner, next corner 2 more get by him. that first 250 heat was freakign crazy with #67 Gavin Faith winning it. thye were all flying. anyway he gets passed and then the next turn 2 more go by him, that's got to be freaking intense he knows he's in the front of the pack riding as fast as he can and guys are going by him. when the 2 got by him now he had to come down the last straight before the finish line, and it's a staggered set of jumps some were doubling, tripling, really tricky, and then a BIG triple. a few more get by him on that stretch and it's got to be even more mentally distracting and then he freaking CASED the triple. he came down so hard it was like he landed because there was a cable tied to the back of the bike and he reached the end of the cable. no more line you stop here. my god he hit hard. he barely got off the track and came off the bike in a heap of pain and probably disoriented. I heard later he chipped or maybe broke some teeth, looked to me like if that was all he's lucky he looked like he really had major chance of injury to places you don't want to be injured. but watching that unfold was really an insight as to just how fast and what level these guys are riding at. for people to run up front and podium there has to be a lot of scratching and clawing going on behind them, thats just the way it is, someone finish's 4th but that doens't mean the guy in 5th wasn't trying. they all are. that set of whoops was pretty legit, the ones who came through it made it look likeit was flat. I don't care how good the suspension is they still had to do it. the ones who didn't make the whoops look like they were flat made it look like you were glad to be in the stands..somewhat..just incredible intensity and as much as I like the whoops and the jumps these guys butter their bread in the corners. they get in, they get out. don't blink you'll miss it.
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