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Can you carefully try to see what shape the o-ring is in? If it was just loose and didn't damage the o-ring, you should be able to put it back together and tighten it back up. Let me know what you find. I probably have the parts on hand if you're in a pinch. I have quite a few o-rings of that size but not silicone, probably one or 2 silicone ones as well.?

Does yours use a bolt and washer, or a big nut and splined washer? Mine is nut and washer, which I have spare. Bolt and lock washer, we can probably source @ a hardware store. Or.... Call Chip @ Munns.
thanks alot! i have spares- i bought a bunch of little things when i took my bike to korea just incase. it uses the nut/special washer combo. that would be great if it is an o-ring seal. i havent had a chance to get the sprocket off but threw a good amount of oil all over the rear of the bike. i noticed a small leak comming from the wires that go into the igition cover. so i am not 100% on the source yet. i have to get the sprocket/chain off and clean it up and then start it up to see. just got to find the time.
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