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Originally Posted by bajaboundmoto View Post
I didn't name any names because giving an individual crap wasn't the intent or the point. It was the big picture of what I consider to be teams looking to do it as cheap as possible and raising fees would be a negative.

But then it sure sounds like I'm being called out.

I've never said there shouldn't be Sportsmen racers. I've pointed out that in 2000 Mike Childress was in that class and they didn't win. I have said there are some out there who have zero clue how dangerous it is and their actions in front of cars are beyond stupid. I have said they should do away with the class of sportsman because the word alone attracts riders who think it's a leisurely cruise thru the desert and don't understand the cars and some of those riders think the have the right of way and the cars need to do a better job avoiding them but it's the riders putting themselves in that position. Eliminating it would make some riders still enter as Pros and would scare off the guy with the 650L, construction boots, and street helmet who have no idea what they are getting into.
Hell, some of the sportsman class guys should be in the Pro classes anyway, they haul ass! Sandbaggers.

Yes we do support sportsman class racers with our rental programs.
We also encourage everyone to enter class 22 so they can have that much bigger of a gap to the 1st truck.
We also regularly sign up guys on our staff as additional riders and they ride more often than not (regardless if it's a pro or sprtsmn entry). Sometimes my guys ride because the clients are whipped or at times it's a safety thing - I'd way rather put myself or one of my guys on the bike so a client isn't putting himself in harms way. And I've flat out told riders they aren't riding certain sections or in front of cars.
We also support bad-ass teams as was witnessed at this past B1k.

And you're right, these threads always end up with the same bullshit. I don't know why I wasted my time adding anything at all.
I've been happy riding in Baja 16 out of the last 26 days and will be happy when I'm down there riding 46 of the next 70 days. Much healthier than forums.
If you feel my post was calling you out I apologize. There were two parts that were directed to you. The comments about the $10k. It sounds like Norman has no clue about what it would actually cost and someone needs to try and explain it.

And I should have worded the last part differently or pm'd you. With the context of the rest of the post I can see how it sounds like I was calling you out.

I should have broken up my post to make it read correctly, lesson learned no more posting from the droid piece by piece.
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