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Just saw this. I'm actually surprised it took this long for someone to reply with this kind of a response. Discussing something as sensitive as identity typically narrows perspective and misinterpretation is often the result. I would ask you to reread what I wrote with an open mind. I played a devil's advocate in the beginning, then demonstrates how we ALL participate in a world of make believe. I also provided a formula for analyzing the difference between authenticity and spuriousness. (There are wannabees in EVERY sport or interest group, I concluded with a method of separating the two. My criticism (and it is criticism) was directed at the people who are guilty of inauthentic, self-deceptive behavior, which is very different than someone who alloys their life with imagination in a way that isn't contradictory to their life.) Please, reread what I originally wrote with the above in mind and I think you'll see that we share the same opinion.

I'm tied up right now, but will draft a more thorough response that vindicates what I've said and clarifies my position a little more thoroughly. It's a fascinating topic for me and I've wanted to tie more solidly to Compatibilism, so perhaps this will be my chance. :)
So, the idea that you expected a response means you either knew your statement was semi-inflammatory or you have zero faith in human-kind eh ? I say eh because im on page 30 and your in Canada, heh.
Discussing identity is always going to be a slippery slope to climb I'm glad you understood that, although matter-of-factly speaking I, even though in two of the groups mentioned, do not have my perspective narrowed by inclusion or interest.

I did read and re-read what you said multiple times and valued the statements up to and including the assignment of identities, though I felt some of the specifics were incorrect, including the seriousness and who whats and whens of a few things. I did not feel you were being judgmental or narrow-minded yourself until one of the last statements; "Myself? I'd be too embarrassed to be seen with either group.". This statement seemed to put a bullet point in the idea that a judgement was occuring, one that was made enough to validate or invalidate your own personal feelings towards those two types of people. That statement alone colored the entire preceding points.

I do very much understand that we all participate in a world of make-believe. Would you believe I have a friend that read most of your ride report and he himself called you a poser ? That statement is not meant to be an insult just to reinforce what I said earlier that there is always someone bigger, stronger, faster, richer, more tortured, more creative, more nerdy, more poser-ish than you or i or anyone else we personally know.

One of my best friends is a guy, before he died, I was mortified to be around plenty of times. He was a nerd in the biggest sense of the word, socially awkward completely not assured in any way and very naive, in short the epitome' of geek. He taught me more about being ok with being weird and goofy in life, you only have this one to live this time you know ?, than I ever thought I would be able to. I only say this because I mean to validate some of the "posers" and "goofballs". I don't think everyone is a worthwhile person on the contrary I think most people I have taken the time to know are completely worthless actually as human beings. The idea, however that the really genuine folks I have met in 27 countries all over the world in different jobs and facets of life that WERE valuable genuine real quality people, I could have missed by dis-including myself from them with a single statement is frightening. Possibly much less frightening than the concept that the stress and frustration I receive from INCLUSION, but nonetheless I digress.

You point out that you are criticizing those who are not authentic and some of those people I would agree, johnny come lately's fast friends, random includers, heat of the momenters and what have you. In the Harley side of things I can see plenty of those and have spoken to many of them, in Harley riding groups and sport-bike groups as well. Leather-vested carpet installing knee-cap covered guys riding in groups is my favorite to laugh at as a "stereotype". Though I can tell you dressing up as some character at a Game convention, GENCON or otherwise is no facet of weakness or lack of commitment, if you doubt me on this try to make yourself do it sometime, I have been going to GENCON 10 years or more and still never have been able to make myself do it. That act takes guts the likes of which you can't imagine. Maybe I have more latitude for those in the gaming world in this regard because riders' costumes' are pure shit and simply mock safety which is something I can't tolerate, and gamers are purely stepping outside their bubbles to be caused embarrassment and ridicule. Who knows.

I saw you replied again and Ill read that and reply in a second.

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