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ride update.... Again....

We're making some headway here. So, I highlighted the fuel tables on the modified akro map, and decreased fuel by 1%, everywhere. This included the L tables. Interestingly, the fuel tables after decreasing them, were only modestly more than the stock map when I compared them. I haven't played with it enough to see if the maps Dusty was working with are the same that I'm working with, as it seems if I decreased the akro map by 2-3% (not 5%), the numbers would be leaner than the stock map. Also, this map has the modified secondary throttles, opening at 20% at 1450 RPM, and increasing gradually with rpm and throttle position. Anyhow, I loaded up the new map tonight, did the 15 min idle, shut her down for a bit, and went for a ride.

So far, this map has been the best for my bike. The low end is a great deal smoother, and runs up cleanly with the exception of 3500-4200 RPM up to 10% throttle opening. I went into a parking lot and did some tight turns without the clutch at ultra slow speeds, and was able to control the bike pretty well. I had no stalling, and could lug it a bit, with controlled acceleration. I tried to chop the throttle a few times, and it was pretty controllable. I actually liked it pretty well, except for the weak 3500-4200 range. I came out of a tight turn, and rolled the throttle open wide, and broke the rear tire loose in a decent power slide until I pucker factored..... After changing my pants, I started to smile again.....I'm cautiously optimistic.......

I think I'll start working on the 3500-4200 range next.....
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