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[QUOTE=AntiHero;20761765]Good point. I suppose we have 1,2,3,4 types?

1. Authentic - person's estimation of their own abilities matches ‘reality’
2. Inauthentic - person is unaware that their abilities are less than they estimate
3. Imposter - person is aware that they are not who they're trying to pass themselves off as
4. Underestimator - person who underestimates their own abilities and is far more competent than they often seem (or believe themselves to be)

Think of authenticity as a system where feedback is constantly analyzed, then classified, then internalized. Inauthenticity would be when new data is ignored and a person believes what they want to believe instead of what they perceive (a method often used is not avoiding situations where their ‘skills’ are tested).

The blatant imposter knows they are deceiving others, and most likely values the ability to deceive more than whatever it is they’re pretending they are.

The underestimator….well, I’ll talk about that below.

Originally Posted by malibu_dan View Post
My humble quibble is that you're coming at this from your point of strength. Your strength is (I believe from following you across the country with your words and pictures) in your confidence in your own ability.
I'll have to politely disagree with you here. I'm anything but confident in my abilities. (Type 4, as described above.) I've tried to overcome my own lack of self-confidence, but I'm unable to internalize accomplishments. My confidence level will always be a flatline because nothing I do registers as having internal value. I struggled with that for years. Positive things I do never make any sort of positive impact on what I felt about myself. So I cultivated fearlessness. It's the 'fuck it' approach...I just stop thinking about things and start doing it. I've circumvented the part of the decision making process that requires confidence.

People everywhere are trapped in the reality of needs and wants. We need shelter, we need food, we need a job... and we want comforts. But that cage we live in keeps us tethered to reality and keeps us from truly experiencing our dreams. So we escape. We fantasize. We pretend. And we hold on to our tether.

I believe the distinction is in how far we go out on the ledge. We as 'manly men' crave adventure. The open road, the warrior who saves the damsel, the ninja who is invincible and deadly, chrome and bandannas. Adventures. Fantasies.

Very well put.

This is a great way to put it I think you are missing about 2 or 3 more sub-types but the critical error I spoke of a moment ago is judging WHO is HOW FAR out on the ledge by our own standards.

See the real bottom-line here is how does anyone BUT that guy know how far out on the ledge he is from where in his ninja suit ? Emotional spiritual confidence level ledges are impossible to judge. Now how far from Nicky Hayden is that squid ? That is quite easy to judge and for safety sake I always judge it, but how far from Nicky Hayden is the dude wearing the Nicky Hayden leathers that isnt riding like an asshat ? Impossible to say if he even wants to BE out as far as Nicky Hayden or even IF Nicky Hayden is the ledge measurement hes using, see what I mean.......?
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