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Originally Posted by Les_Garten View Post
Did you install it yourself?
Yes. SImple once I had worked out where the nitrogen cylinder woudl work best.

Did you have to come up with any bushes......wondering about the ends of your shocks....Looks like they use bushings
As noted elsewhere the Ohlins come complete with spherical type bushings. Simple unbolt old, bolt on new (once you have the remote reservoir sorted)

How do you like the Ohlins? Is the remote tank worth the upcharge?
I am just a regular Joe in terms for riding and suspension set up skills, and the demand I make of my bikes’ suspension systems.

In practice, with the Ohlins 941 on my monolever 1994 R100RT I have come down to using three pairs of compression and rebound settings, depending on load. It seems that the compression damping adjustment allows for a little softer ride without getting too bouncy. Not sure that this makes the difference in price worthwhile.

I chose the Wilbers 640 for my paralever 1993 R100R. This has rebound dampening adjustment only. I opted for Wilbers to have something other than the Ohlins, and as this bike only ever gets one-up lightly loaded duty did not think that I would need the all-singing all-dancing adjustment of the more fully featured Wilbers models (or the Ohlins). No regrets about “cheapening out” here, but there again this bike is a much better handing/stopping bike than the monolever. With the latter as my benchmark my contentment with a less-featured rear suspension on the R100R may be more a reflection on the relative capabilities of each bike’s fundamental set up than a comment on the merits of the features of their different rear suspension components.

My guess is that 95% of us would be happy 95% of the time with a “simple” quality rebound-only solution. In situations such as this I am reminded of the statistic from driving safety that goes some like 95% of high school drivers consider themselves to rank in the top 5% of driving skills – I think that same characteristic is to be found in motorcycle riders of all ages generally, and certainly when it comes down to the nuances of suspension set up.


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