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Originally Posted by JRWooden View Post
I'm glad they figured it out!
Most of the time the ABS is fine, but there was this one time I was forced of the road on to a short section of dirt/gravel and the ABS kicked in inhibiting me from locking up the back wheel... I quickly saw that I was going to go through the guard rail at the end of the cutout if I didn't come up with another plan ... I was cussing the ABS the entire time ..........

I ended up squeezing back onto the edge of the asphalt right behind the jerk that had cut me off and managed to save things ...............

I think I would change the programming of the rear ABS to add a "rule" that says if the rider has attempted to have the REAR tire locked up for more than (say) 3 seconds ... go ahead and let him do it.......
In such situations its not easy to react right, similar thing happened to me just that it was a steep slope with gravel and at its end there was a paved road with lots of traffic. Unfortunately I stopped the engine on that hill, took a brake and went on - forgetting to switch the ABS off. When I tried to brake I realized that I would not make it and most probably cross the highway with loads of traffic. Not good. I squeezed both brake levers and went down without loosing much speed and I was staring at the cars crossing like a hypnotized cow. Shortly before the end of the slope I heard a voice saying: kill that engine fucking idiot!

So I did, and the ABS was off immediately. Sure the engine cut out too but I really did not need it but could block the rear wheel and brake hard on the front. I just(!) made it :)

Cheers Steve
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