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Malcolm Smith

Malcolm has to be eighty or close. I bought my new TE630 out at his store last year, and when I picked it up he was there autographing another 630 for another customer so I got him to sign mine too. Right on the front number plate with a sharpie.

His favorite ride these days is a Husaberg 570 that's been super-moto'd, he was pushing it out through the showroom one day when I was there, just gonna go for a putt.

When he signed my bike I told him my story about buying a new Penton Six Days in 1973 and put lights and a plate on it and rode it to school. The term 'dualsport' had not even been invented yet. His eyes got real big and he says, "I've got one of those upstairs, wanna see it?" Well of course, so I got a tour of the whole place, including his office which is huge, bigger than my livingroom and FULL of memorabilia and trophies and awards. Back in the day he sold Husky's and Pentons and that was it. And sure enough, he had an old beat up six-days up with some other vintage bikes yet to be restored.

He's the nicest guy, just loves motorcycles, got a great store out there in Riverside California.

There's a good old-bike-guy story for y'all. Sorry I don't have any pics.
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