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I have proof there is still beer out there............................... or it may be dingo or camel piss by now if they found it. A couple of spare tubes as well.

23 04' 16 28" S 123 13' 3306" E

P Prick,

--- from the front page of the Herald Sun, the London Times, the Hebrew Herald, IL Globo and The Truth (for those who are 100 and over - what a shitty paper it was).

-------- A nobel prize awaits a world famous archaeologist Professor Prick for his scientific proof that in fact there is beer hidden on the Canning Stock Route.

For years independant AD riders have suffered the withdrawl symptoms of no beer on c.s.r -- well thanks to Sir P Pricks scientific discovery this will give great joy to Australian AD riders.

We envisage a huge stampede of riders from around the world decending on WAs CSR - mayhem guaranteed.

Looks like the military will need to be sent in to help keep things under control.

So next time you open that well lid, some will have water and some will have golden light bursting forth.

Ahhh praisseeee the lord.

Go Pies
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