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Originally Posted by bogieboy View Post
i am kinda set on having a frankenbike...its sorta my nature... i like making things that the majority of folks say cant be done, work....LOL as for the spacer issue, i already ordered a 130mm adjustable reach stem... the bars are a bit high for my liking currently, because of the stem mount shifters... i ordered a set of brake lever shifters last night so that solves that issue as well...and i didnt want the carbon for big hits, i wanted it for the cut down on road vibes...i am planning a 450mi one week ride this summer, and dont want numb hands...LOL

and a side note.... i dont know what it is that i like, but i prefer a chro-mo road frame over aluminum... i cant put a finger on it, but i dislike the feel of my brothers aluminum frame bike, but love my chro-mo that i have built up....

that bike looks like it has a heavy steel ashtabula crankset, like you'd find on an old schwinn? why in dog's name would you put a carbon fork on that?!? get a nice old school cromo steel fork with thin curved tips, or something like that.
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