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Originally Posted by Rob Farmer View Post
Did the clutch work ok or did it grab a little?

I had the spot welds on my clutch come adrift a few years ago made the clutch grabby and also made some very strange noises but appeared to work fine apart from those issues. When It finally got to the point that it wasn't adjusting properly I pulled the gearbox and found the pushrod snapped and the pop rivets all adrift. I'd check the clutch while your in there. You can see the chatter marks on the clutch plate.

Very good, Rob. I have a high-mileage /5 clutch (188K over 40 years on the clutch plates) that has been through three clutch friction discs (and diaphragm springs). The pressure pieces, being worn, were to be remachined by Southland Clutch, but I was having concerns about the pressure plate and those spot welds to the sheet-metal pan a that mileage. I'm not hard on a clutch, but it seems that the pressure plate might be the weak point here. I'll evaluate it, but I'm inclined to replace with new rather than patch the old part.

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