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In terms of trip planning the 'semi-wilds' of Canada are really quite easy. Most road atlas style of maps ( AAA, Rand-Mcnally ... ) do quite a good job. Why you ask - there are not a lot of options for hard surface roads away from the main centers.

For back-roads the best series is by a company called "backroad map books" - basically an atlas of dirt roads, fire roads and donkey paths. The main iissue ( not their fault ) is the the vastness of Canada combined with the great detail they provide means each book only covers a small area. I think there are 4 or 5 books just for the lower 1/3rd of Ontario. I do not think they cover all of the country but always seem to be adding new books.

Are you looking for a road trip, back road or dirt trial trip ?

In a nut shell, a lot of Canada goes like Ontario --> Two main routes across the province. Either Hwy 17 that runs from the Quebec border near Ottawa up to Manitoba past Kenora. Option B, is Hwy 11 that runs from Toroto up to near the Ontario/Manitoba/US border. 17 is more scenic, especially around superior but 11 may be a bit quicker up to Thunder bay.

When looking at routes through Canada remember speed limits are lower then in most places the the US. In Ontario only the main highways in the south carry 100 km/h limits with the bulk of the rest of the province stuck at 90. This may not be too bad if not for the heavy handed enforcement. On 1 day ( Sault to Thunder Bay ) I passed 13 poilice speed traps, and the fines get up to big bucks quite quickly. Thus the lower speeds will keep travel times up.
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