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Originally Posted by revmaaatin View Post
Thanks for the reply.
I have a Garmin 76CSx; sans Canadain data.
I would of course find some Garmin Map for the GPS. It is the broad view of paper that I really like for the planning and dreaming.

Pin the map to the wall and dream about where it could lead you.
That is where my milepost map is now. Spread across a table to distract me from!

The GPS map face is smaller than a pack of cigs. smile.
Not much distraction there!

I am guessing you are the same Willys on
Yes I'm the same Willys all over the web so to speak.....Not at .net any more....I've had it with Glenn...took me way too long to finally cut that cord! Enough

Yes I like to use maps to plan but I now use Google maps and spend way way too much time planning routes etc even down to side roads. I have come to the conclusion that sometimes it just doesn't pay if you have a time limit on the trip to look for the best most interesting route. Unfortunately the best routes eat up too much time IF you have a destination that is the main reason for the trip. I use the Google map for road searches then switch into satelite mode to see what the terrain looks like where I have planned to ride. It works well in the more remote locations as long as you get choices to where you can

I agree with the Ontario suggestions above. Ontario is a nightmare to get out of for us! It takes me 2 1/2 days to get completely out of it doing very close to the speed limit and riding sensible kms per day. The north shore of Lake Superior is spectacular and shouldn't be missed. The difference isn't worth missing it time wise. Then you can make a slight detour after Thunder Bay and go directly west and not diagonally north/west. It'll take to a slightly less remote route, which I haven't managed to force myself to do yet either. Time eats me away after spending so much time trying to get out of Ontario that I bolt and just try and get out as fast as I can. At close to the speed limit. The cops know we are running for the border and take full advantage of it! Then once you pop out into manitoba the speed limit sky rockets up! BUT, don't go crazy as their cops are waiting for us too! Some get all excited and need to test their vehicles just to get the slow drone out of their systems only to get caught breaking the limits after a short time into manitoba. I ride a KLR so trying to break that limit is senseless!!! Yes I can but it's not wise.
IMHO, if the far north is what you desire....take the diagonal route through Edmonton to Dawson Creek....that is where you will truly start your adventure visually speaking. The central plains are interesting to see and if you have great tunes, they aren't as boring as some make out. It's nice to see a small grainery, god knows how far away as you SLOWLY approach attention to your gas....because distances are very deceiving! I nearly got caught dry once thinking I could make it to the next town as I could see took hours to get there!!!! Plus all small villages don't have gas from what I found......really aggravating to say the least! I carry a small gas can 4 or 5 litres and it's full for most of my trip, just in case I screw up! I have a range of roughly 365kms when fully loaded if I keep the speeds to 110kph. I shouldn't have an issue gas wise, but my stuborn nature takes over some times and I look into the distance and see a grain elevator and think.....that's not that far!!!

So yes I do like paper maps but now use the computer screen more's free and a printer will make any map I possibly need worst comes to worst.

Hope this helps.
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