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I'm assuming your running akro's? Did you notice a significant decrease in power going with your modified stock map as opposed to the AKRO map? I haven't checked my milage yet, I'm just trying to get the thing smooth and linear first so I have something to comfortably ride with, then I'm hoping to fine tune from there. I'm trying to leave the F-L switch the same as stock, but making proportinal changes to the L-maps that I do with the F maps. So far, it has become much more smooth, but I'm sure not yet where it could be. I'd almost like to swap maps with you or someone to have a little more objective comparison, knowing that bikes are different of course....

I'm wondering, would you mind sharing your map?

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Duhfacator I did a similar thing, i compared the stock 07 and arkra fuel maps as percents of the stock map. My mpg was shit (under 30) with the arka map, so increase the stock map 1-3% in differnent parts of the fuel map. I left the L maps the same, but I am wondering now if I should be making more changes there, as I think I do more riding at low TPS values, but I haven't marked my grip yet.

In comparing the maps I was suprised to see the +7-13% over stock in some parts, where as most of the table was a +5% increase.

Zubber, to adjust the advance are you doing that in the trim tab?
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