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Originally Posted by AllBlackPearl View Post
I had a quick look at the ingress site.
Pretty sick stuff.

Anyway, I'm a couple hours away from Zürich, so unfortunately no way to get there at the moment.
No worries, all were grabbed within 2 hours of them posting the coordinates.
It's actually a really cool back story, lots of work being put into it. (And a few screw ups, like having "item codes" be incremental. Cause no one on the internet would think to try the next number in a series. Or write a script to try ALL the next numbers) ;)

If you have an Android phone, it's a great way to waste hours and get some exercise. I did get a strange look from the police last night as I kept jogging around downtown at 2 am.
Feel free to donate money either to my page, or their general fund.
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