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520RS mpg

Originally Posted by SCExpat View Post
Do you plan on doing much street 50/50 or is this 90% dirt? I have a Beta trials bike and really like it and now that I am in the market for a DS bike really like the 520RS. But....I need to ride 45-60 minutes of freeway to get to the dirt. So far a DR650 seems good but I know the 520RS would be a killer DS bike.
My riding will be 80-90% dirt : 10-20% street. I have a 06 YZ250 2t for 100% off road and enduro racing. I'm probably going to install the Rekluse auto clutch on the 520, and if it works out well, I'll probably use the 520 for everything.

With the 6.9 gallon tank on my XRR, I and can ride a 250+ mile loop without having to stop for gas. I'd like to have a good idea what the mpg is for the 520, so I can plan my rides. I know the mpg depends on speed and terrain, but if anyone can give me an average mpg, Iíd appreciate it.

I donít understand the manufacturers sell their DS bikes with those itty bitty 2 gallon tanks!
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