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Originally Posted by jnclem View Post
Too bad. I have tried and tried to get this to download with no success. On the first try I got maybe 1/3 of the file in, then it just hung there all night. After tha I just get stuck for hours on the connecting phase.

I have tried it on two good solid DSL connections that I use all the time. I have downloaded many large files and magazines on both of them with no problems. I even deleted the app completely and started over, no luck. Looks like a great publication. I hope I can get it some day. By the way, this is an original iPad running OS 5.1 since that is the newest OS the first gen iPad can run.
Jnclem. Unfortunately, the first generations iPads are limited in their ability to view content like this. This introductory issue has video and animation in it that the first iPads don't really like. We were aware of this in our development. It is not the OS, but the processor. In the next issue we are working to keep the functionality, but streamline it so the older iPads can view it successfully. So please stay tuned for the March 31st issue. You may have more luck then. Sorry about this. We knew the first gens might have a problem. But know that we are on the case.
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