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Day 11 – January 22, 2013

We head to breakfast then walk down the Malecon to meet Francisco at the marina at 9am. He is taking us around Coronado Island.

Dave's breakfast.

Walking down the Malecon to the Marina.

The marina and Lighthouse.

We all get on the boat and make our way out of the marina. It is a great sunny morning and the water is like glass. We have a great time just boating thru the Sea of Cortez.

Great way to spend the morning!

We are chatting with Francisco about his life. He was born and raised in Loreto. He loves it there. His mom was a native Indian and his dad was from England. He has like 12 siblings and says half of them are short and dark skinned like their mom and the other half are tall, blue eyed and light skinned. The Calle Davis street in town is named after his family. He said just 10 years ago they were a real small town and you could buy beachfront property for like 10K and now it is over 100k. He has two kids and dreams of buying small cabin cruiser when he retires so he can spend 2 months on the water. He loves to fish! I could keep going but it will be a novel, lol.

This is awesome!

He takes us close to the island and starts showing us all the sites. He soon points out a school of Dolphins so he takes us over to go play with them. It was pretty cool. We have never been so close to Dolphins. They were hunting but would come play with the boat too. We would have one Dolphin on each side of the bow just under the surface, riding the bow wake. We got some great video that I will try to post.

We get done watching Dolphins and head back to the island.

The water is so clear!

Francisco points out a ledge with some Blue-footed Boobie’s . We were looking into bright sun so we couldn’t see their blue feet.

We motored on to “stinky point” where the sea lion colony hangs out. They were pretty entertaining and barked louder as we got closer. Some of the big old males didn’t seem to are and just laid there like “what’s up?” while the young ones jumped into the water.
The smell is almost nauseating!

yep...he knows how to relax..

He then shows us “Eagle rock” and “monkey head” rock.

He joked and said “eagle with flies on its head”.

We then come to several white sandy coves. Francisco takes us into one of the coves. The water is amazingly clear and looks like the Caribbean. I will let the pictures speak. I feel bad that Dad and Jacque didn’t get to see all this.

Coming into Coronado Island


We could seriously camp here!

This Pelican landed on this boat as it was coming in. I guess he decided it was easier to fish this way,

Patty visited the Banos and funny thing was there was 2 pit toilets inside? Bring a friend and watch each other?

We walked to the other side of the island to check it out.

More rocks but perfectly clear water.

We had to check out some of the shells.

Patty chillin with her feet in the sand.

These skulls were everywhere along the tide line? They looked like turtles? Any thoughts?

A dead baby Stingray we found.

Patty had to demonstrate how clear the water was by standing in it.

We walk back over to the other side of the island where we landed.

DR Dave was determined to swim in the beautiful Sea of Cortez.

He said the water was about like Lake Michigan in July or August.

We have to get ready to leave.

We can stay as long as we want but eventually have to go back. We happily pay Francisco $100 plus a tip. We walk back to the hotel to drop some stuff off so we can go eat.

We run into J & J on the street. They say they have been having a good time walking around town. Jacque isn’t hungry so she’s just going to take a nap. Me, Patty, Dave and Dad go grab some lunch. We have some great food and have a good time chatting about the trip.

We head back to the hotel. Patty heads up to the rooftop terrace to chill.

I talk with Dad for a bit then head up to the rooftop and find Patty asleep on the couch. Sweet! She has the right idea. I kick back in a chair and put my feet up.

Dave comes up and I point out one of the lounge chairs in the sun. Soon all 3 of us are napping on the terrace. Eventually the sun starts getting low and it gets cool enough to wake us. We go down to see what Dad is up to and find him wrenching on Jacques BMW. When moving it he discovered her
steering head is loose. Dad and I work on tightening up her head bearings.
Later Patty and I hunt down the little pizza place we ate at last year but only to find it closed so we head to the little Italian place in the town square instead.

We go back to the hotel and talk with everyone about the ride plan tomorrow. We are only going to Mulege so we debated going up to the San Javier Mission but we have never spent time in Mulege so we decide to pass on the mission. Patty and I have been there before so we are happy to check out Mulege. We actually have reservations at the Playa Frambe Lighthouse Resort. We found the place last year when we were checking out some of the dirt roads and decided we wanted to stay there.

Back to our room to chill for the night and head to bed.
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