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Originally Posted by Slade 330 View Post
vWhy don't you wait untill finished I think this is early R&D
Believe me, Slade, I hate to be hyper-critical in public. However three things overshadow my holding back from comment. First, he said he plans to take his kids for rides in this rig! To me there's nothing more valuable in all the world than a man's children. I'd rather step on toes to protect them than be the cause of their inury or death by my silence.

Second, I have no idea of knowing how fast the build will progress, so for all I know he could be taking the kiddies for a ride this afternoon!

Third, if that is indeed hardware store all-thread, ungraded, possibly made in the orient of vastly inferior materials and production methods and heat treating, then no amount of waiting will make things get better. If that's what it is it's never going to be up to the task demanded of it and that's the main support of the whole sidecar rig!

I mulled it over for awhile, after also reviewing his posts on another sidecar forum, and could not remain silent. It's unfortunate and I really didn't want to comment at all, but saw and still see it as necessary, for the sake of his innocent little kids if nothing else!

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