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Originally Posted by CharlestonADV View Post
IMO, the rather marked criticism of other people in the RR significantly undermines that intention.
Well, it *is* his ride report

And it's interesting to read them. The judgements you make about others are based on their attitudes and actions when you interact with them. To them, it's "here's a nobody on a bike" - how they interact with him says a lot about who he ran into. He met a lot of very good people, who didn't know who he was or that he was writing it all down, and still were warm and kind and helpful. He also ran into some weirdos and freaks, and some plain unpleasant asshats. (That's life, unfortunately.) It's all part of making a long trip, all around the country.

If I make that ride, I'll run into different people, and my judgement will probably be different. Or it might be the same. But, at least I'll have an idea of some cool places to go, and where people were friendly to some unknown nobody on a Ducati - who knows they might be friendly to some unknown nobody on a Yamaha, too

(Of course, my Yamahammer cruiser doesn't have the panty-soaking sex appeal of the Duc, so probably not as friendly. Still, I can hope... )

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