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Originally Posted by TStorm View Post
My Metal Mule racks and Kriega luggage came in a few days ago, but I spent the weekend out of the country, so I couldn't really do much with it until today.

The pipe-side rack mounted easily enough

but I ran into a problem with the off-pipe side. When I tried to mount it behind the footpeg bracket, the rack would push into the spring a fair bit. The rack itself looks straight, and since I remember the bike falling on that side on the highway a few years ago, there is a chance that the footpeg bracket was bent in slightly. I do have scrapes on my swing arm where that bolt sticks out at. A local bike shop suggested the same a few weeks back while they were mounting my tires, but other than the marks on the swing arm, couldn't find any other hints of the frame being bent.

The MM instructions mention that if I had the Arrow pipe, and had bought that rack, there would be spacers to mount the rack to the outside of the footpeg bracket. Since I didn't have that kit, I went down to Home Depot and bought some nylon ones.

Racks seem solid, and when I used them to pick the bike off of the side stand and shake the rear end up and down a bit, there wasn't even a wiggle of play in the racks. And that's without using the cross brace connecting the two racks together as a 4th mounting point. I still need to come up with a good spacer for that.

So, with a steady rack, I mounted the Kriega bags, the Overlander 60 set. I liked how adjustable the setup was, since instead of a bag, I could put on two Rotopax containers. Thats either 60L of dry storage or 8 gallons of fuel/water. Or a combination of anything between I just have the drybags for now, but with the short range of the Scram, I'll definitely trade in one bag spot for the extra fuel.

I think I'm gonna have to take a nice long trip sometime soon to give this the proper workout.
Looking good, mate! Great to see the system on another Scram'.

Just a little tip: make sure you close the cam levers out of line with the clamps i.e. at any angle other than parallel with the edges of the clamps. This just gives the clamps a shade more bite and ensures they stay firmly closed.

Looking forward to seeing some action shots!

'Ave it.

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