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Originally Posted by nachtflug View Post
it's bullshit it contradicts the whole idea of a premier championship series and the supporting series.

if tomac rides 450 and misses a gear on a triple and Milsapps lands on him and thats the end of Milsapps they'll change the rules real quick. and the reason they will is because it's a bad idea. nothing against Tomac he rocks and I like him a lot but you have to have meaningful structure to your rules which define the 2 series and letting one taint the other is just bad business, bad managment of the series and bad promotion.

Originally Posted by brents347 View Post
Wrong, wrong, and wrong. These are just your opinions and they seem to be the opinions of a vocal minority. Do you have anything to back up your claims of bad manangement, bad business and bad promotion besides your opinion?
Give the poor guy a break, he never saw a SX until a couple of days ago.
Of course he has nothing to back up these claims, just wants things to be set up the way it isn't.

However, the 2 series structure seems to be creeping in on us. Not all that long ago it was a 3 class structure, 125, 250 and open classes. And some guys raced all three. From that it has progressed (regressed?) to what we have today which is almost a training class (Lites) and the "Premier" class for the true cream of the crop. Not really there yet but it seems we are going there.

NASCRAP seems to not have a problem with the top tier guys dropping down to whatever that "lower" class is and racing there and we all want OUR races to be like NASCAR, right? Twice so far this year we've had to stop a race and restart single file. Close the gap up between riders. Quite a lot like local stock car races on dirt ovals.

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