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Originally Posted by SigPig View Post
And if a guy who finally qualifies for a main after trying all season accidentally takes out a front runner, what then? Should he have not been there either? If you qualify, you qualify. Who cares what you raced on last week. Or are you more upset that one of the 250 kids might be able to beat a title contender straight up?
if a guy who was trying to qualify for the 450's all along and finally does and takes out the entire list of the top 10 points leaders in a first turn nuclear explosion of miscalculation I'd have no problem with it. thats racing.

I've always maintained that the current structure minimizes the accomplishments of the 250 riders. I believe the 250's are sometimes faster in certain situations. I'd love to see Tomac win all 16 of the 450 races this year but as he started in the 250 west series I don't think he should be allowed to run in the 450's. the system is flawed not the riders.

If Millsapps loses the title by a hair and if the points Tomac gets are the difference (if he rides and if he finishes in a position where it is reasonable to say it costs Milsapps points) it will be a real shame and things will change. which will prove I'm right.
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