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Originally Posted by nachtflug View Post
obviously not but it still defies logic to have paralell but separate series and then when one takes a break all of a sudden the guys who were in series A are competing with guys from series B when the guys from series B have no mathematical chance of winning series A. you are dilluting your own product.

it's like this, not exactly but the outcome is the same. it's like taking a team from the NFL who didn't make the play off's, let them play a game in the play off's but they don't advance if they win, and if you lose to that team, you're out. does that make sense?
Last time I looked (admittedly been a while ) ALL the NFL teams play ALL the other teams in their division (or however it's split up) and sometimes (not often) a sorry team with no playoff chances beats a great team.

What you're purposing is somewhere past the season mid-point start eliminating riders that have less than some number of series points, or get lapped often, get them out of the way of those riders that have a chance of finishing high in the series. Then we could do away with qualifying and heat races and have TWO real races that count for series points at each venue.

Maybe the last 5 races have only the top 10 riders on the gate, that would make first turn mayhem a rare thing and we would have head to head racing of the best every time. No more of those runs like Carnard made a couple of weeks ago from 19th to 7th place. Most of the other top riders have done that more than once.

Hummmm, the more I think about the better it sounds.

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