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Originally Posted by nachtflug View Post
what I'm proposing is that there are 3 series. 250 east, west, and 450's.

you can be in one.

that's it.

pick a series.

and make sure it's the one you want because you can't risk having someone dilute another series they have no chance of winning.

the only other option for the idle east/west riders would be a 2 stroke race at each SX that did not lead to a title.
Bullshit! we dont need rules like that....every rider on the track can take points from you or from your competitor. It dont really matter where they raced last week...would you say a AreanaCross guy cant come try to make the main? what about all the local fast guys that try week in and week out just to make the want them to not enter?

Have you been a racer and in different series at the same time? back when....way back when... i was and some times it is just good to mix it up with different guys.

bottom line, the more guys that can race for the top 10 the better for the racers and the fans.
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