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A Lake Tahoe Motorcycle Rendezvous

As the motorcycle rally meet ups round down for the season, this year a new face appeared on the radar. When J Brandon invited the Curbsyde team down to get a taste of Tahoe, we jumped at the chance. We had never been to Tahoe. In the past we had skirted it’s borders on our way to other rides, in other states, but never found an excuse to ride the big blue lake high in the Sierra’s. Now was our chance.

A few bikes lined up at the event

Vender Booths

Riding demonstration

Everyone excited to speak to Dick Mann

Whitney sneaking in a photo with Dick Mann and Jimmy

An iPhone photo of two photographers taking photos with their iphones... What’s this world coming too!

Here is the other side of that photo, not that exciting

Furry attendants at the event

The event consisted of GPS tracks ranging from easy to long all day events. We decided to hit some of the close loops because we were doing dual purpose (of course) getting some screen time for the new Ergo 360 Adventure suit from Spidi.

The riding around Tahoe is expansive, On the west you have the Sierra Nevada's with her billions of roads that lead off to high off places from sandy whoops, rocky downhills with single track and stuff that keeps you on your toes to the desert floor to the East near Carson City and beyond. Though this area is not a year round riding destination, you can sure tick all the boxes within a matter of days riding around here.

So the rides we do: Genoa Peak, Kings Canyon, a Lake loop and down to a dry lake bed near Virginia City. All in all it was a great weekend, and I hope these folks continue it along next year. We put together a short “Go somewhere” video of the Lake Tahoe area.

Up towards Genoa Peak

Kings Canyon

Whitney looks colorful in his Spidi Suit... We nick named him “Captain America”

We ended up on this route before the group, so we tried to tidy it up a little bit

We won’t get into trouble today :)

Ok maybe a little trouble....

Whitney washing his unmentionables...

Jimmy doing a demonstration

Sunset on the beach!

Joe at some point needed a new front tire, so we went down to Carson City for a replacement.

Oh, and this really was happening.... Somewhere in this photo Heather Lewis is striking the same pose!
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