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Originally Posted by Tom S View Post
KM, thatís a pretty fancy lookiní transit youíre runniní there. Never got to run one of them new-fangled ones.
If what I think I am seeing are the flags thatís one hell of a lot of shots!
Donít understand why they would need so many all that close together.
Were you on archaeological survey crew on a regular basis? As a job or part time job? Volunteer?
Some pretty nice totems down there.
Yes, there would have been a hell of a lot of shots. We tried to make him see reason before we flagged them all, but nooooo. After the first day, though, he realized it was impractical. My bachelor degree is in anthropology and I worked for the State as an Archaeologist I in the late 70's (until NorthernBoxer came along). They took me along on this survey because I could run a total station. I was a paid volunteer. (I worked for a surveyor between the archaeology gig and my current situation.)
It was a good trip. Lots of adventures.

- Ellen
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