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I have a 1981 R80 G/S with a 1980 R100 motor in it. This engine has the later model starter cover and flat, plastic air cleaner box, though. Want to convert it back to the old style. I have the parts, but will bolt right up? What do I do about the breather that currently dumps into the air cleaner, and will removing the snorkel setup and changing the filter affect the running in any way?

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Joel Parks
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The old style airbox, filter and starter cover (must use old style for all three) doesn't breath as well as the new style. So this will leave you running a bit rich. i wouldn't worry about it. Build it, run it and then adjust jetting if needed. Jets are cheap.

if you look at the diagram here you see the windage setup on top of the block. Seems to me part #2 is for the old style with a hose to the Right intake and Part #3 is for the new style.

This shows an old style starter cover and windage assembly. You need it all.

This shows old and new style starter covers. The one with the slots (rather than the scoops) is for the flat airbox)

/crap, lost thye link, well, you'll find it/

The new style windage feeds both sides.
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