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lol- i rebuilt the drz i used to have. while i was in korea i started to get a slight crank knock. so i had a korean mechanic tear it down and fix it. have not had really any major problems since. turns out the bike had too much oil and was dumping it into the Airbox which was dumping it right on the sprocket area. so i do need some help.

turns out the sprocket seal looks almost brand new. the orange oring looks worn. the oring sits basically in this spacer that goes over the spline. what is supposed to hold the spacer from slidding out from the seal? the sprocket or is the seal supposed to hold the spacer on? i can push the spacer back on and the seal does hold the spacer somewhat. i started the engine without the sprocket one to see how bad it leaked and it seemed if i pushed agaisnt the spacer it really didnt leak. so i am guessing i just need a new orange oring and when i put the sprocket back on the nut will hold it altogether??? sorry i cant post pics or i would upload one...
Yeah dirty, the sprocket and nut hold it all together. It has to have the correct torque and the correct sprocket. You don't, by chance, have an aftermarket front sprocket do you? Our LC4's are very particular about the front sprocket. Aftermarket sprockets arnt always the correct thickness. The thickness is important to the o-ring, which makes 90% of the seal. I didn't see an orange o-ring when I was going through some stuff but I bet I have one. OEM front sprocket, correct torque and a fresh o-ring, you'll probably be good to go.

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