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Originally Posted by Shibby! View Post
What's wrong with standing up? She should be standing every chance she gets. Everybody should.

There are fast, highly skilled riders who sit, but there are a lot more who stand. I made the mistake while learning sitting down, but when I transitioned to standing the benefits were noticed almost instantly once I felt comfortable.

Standing allows you to move your weight back further and quicker if required. Sitting forces your arms to take the grunt also causing a pivot point around the front wheel. It also affects the manhood if you hit a big bump while braking hard. haha.
I agree ... standing is the way. But novices will take time to get comfortable standing in all situations. My first year racing AMA Enduros
(1988) I knew I needed to stand up more ... but leg cramps and exhaustion would get to me ... plus I had not yet learned to do everything well standing up.

Hang out at nice knarly section of a AMA Enduro or a GNCC National. Watch what the racers do. The only time they sit is for a sharp corner ... where they sit forward all the way, get their leg out and brake slide the corner Moto Cross style. Then they are right back up ... and charging out of the corner.

Only other place you'll see guys sit is through heavy woods with low hanging branches. Once I was knocked out cold when I hit a tree limb hard. Woke up ... I was still on the bike, idling down the trail!

I finally learned to go fast standing but on super fast fire roads (rare in real Enduros) I would sometimes revert back to my Flat Track roots and sit for the corners, getting sideways. Enduro guys SUCK at flat tracking and I could always pass 'em. But they'd get me back in the nasty stuff.

Standing saves energy and saves your back, spine and most of all ... Kidneys over nasty whoops, rocks and ledges ... which you need to hit at speed ... all those parts get hammered in serious off road if you stay seated.

Your knees can handle it better than your Kidneys and back. Arm pump will be LESS when standing too ... if you remember to BREATH and relax your grip. Alan Randt taught me that and Larry Roseler taught me to hold onto the bars/controls lightly to avoid arm pump. All these little tricks mean you can keep a HIGH average speed and Zero check points. That is how you place high in an Enduro.

Dual sport traveling is NOT a race ... but good technique (like standing) is Safer and Saves Energy. Win Win!
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