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Decided to take a day off and do some riding. It wasn't planned but I ended up exploring some dirt roads and grabbing a tag in our low country tag game.

I was exploring some of the sand roads on Edisto Island when I came across this historic plaque. Apparently there was a town here at one point on the Edisto river. I thought this would make a great tag so i grabbed a quick pic.

Here is a view of the road a bit further down from the tag. I can't get enough of these pretty canopy roads.

At the end of the road was the mighty Edisto River. The longest undammed blackwater river in the country. Also where I'm pretty sure I dropped a pair of $200 sunglasses!

I passed this creepy looking swamp as I was driving around. I wonder if there are any gators in there?

So the riding got be all buzzed for more riding so I figured I'd ride south and grab the latest tag. I looked at the map before I left and was under the impression that the tag was between me and Beaufort. Apparently I can read a map because the tag was well past Beaufort. I was getting hungry so I stopped at a pretty park in Beaufort and snapped some pics whilst having my lunch.

I finally arrived at the tag location. The pics don't do it justice as it was a really pretty road.

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